Meet Your Match – an exercise in solidarity and persuasion

Civic Charter

Meet Your Match – an exercise in solidarity and persuasion

03:00 PM 20 september, 2017

Join us for a session that is a mix between speed dating and role playing designed to enhance your skills of persuasion and finding mutually beneficial solutions for different stakeholders in the fight to reclaim civic space. In an improvised, mock-debate participants will develop the arguments of five different actors around a specific example of shrinking civic space: government officials, businesses, donors, politically unengaged citizens and a fellow civil society actors. In several rounds of improvised mock-debates, participants will have the opportunity to explore specific civic space issues through the viewpoint of different actors and identify persuasive arguments to both counter threats to civic space and build alliances with others affected. The Civic Charter will form the framework for the discussions and will be introduced as a tool for stakeholder engagement.

Speakers and facilitators:
Brandi Geurkink, Campaign Manager, International Civil Society Centre
Katja Gürten, Global Partnerships Manager, Global Standard for CSO Accountability

International Civil Society Centre

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Shrinking civic space, civic space, campaigning, advocacy, solidarity
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