Interactive Launch

Soledad Pinero Misa

Stockholm Civil Society Days


Interactive Launch

09:30 AM 20 september, 2017

9.30-10.15 AM
We launch the Stockholm Civil Society Days and the Active Space Defence with a joint, giant interactive excercise which will help us getting a sense of who is in the room and what’s most urgent on the agenda.

A welcoming dialogue follows, a conversation between the conference hosts and participants, including a political outlook with an update on some of the current trends.
Kristina Henschen, Chair of CONCORD Sweden and Head of Union to Union
Lena Ingelstam, Assistant Director General at Sida, Sweden
Sarah Birete, Centre for Constitutional Governance in Uganda,
Nabiela Farouq, Advisor at PaRD secretariat, expert in Governance, Gender and Religion
Vitalice Meja,  Director of Reality of Aid, Ethiopia
Veronika Mora, Director of Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation, Hungary