In times of nationalism, fundamentalism and shrinking space – Who will stand up for women’s rights?

Vera Móra

Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation


In times of nationalism, fundamentalism and shrinking space – Who will stand up for women’s rights?

10:00 AM 21 september, 2017

We look into the gendered aspects of shrinking space and the additional threat that the shrinking space environment poses for women human rights defenders. Increasing fundamentalism, nationalism and focus on traditional values, narrows the space for women and women human rights defenders. If civil society is closed, women human rights defenders have few arenas if any to fight for political influence and for women’s human rights.
The gendered aspects of shrinking space is a global phenomenon, and we can see that the space for women’s human rights within the EU and bordering countries is also closing. How can the voice of the EU be for defending civic space when it allows the problem to grow even within the EU?
In interactive working groups we will build on and draw learnings from the experiences shared by invited guests and from participants, and give concrete recommendations on how the EU and the international community can step up its work to support and strengthen women’s organisations in repressive environments.

Veronika Móra – head of Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation, Hungary
Blazhen Maleski – researcher, Reactor, Macedonia
Woman Human Rights Defender, Azerbaijan
Lena Ag – secretary general Kvinna till Kvinna, Sweden
Anna Jakenberg Brinck – head of Democracy and Development cooperation unit at Swedish MFA

Moderator: Helena Bjuremalm, Senior Policy Specialist on Civil Society, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)

Organizer: The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation

Chatham House Rule will be applied during this session

Key/search words for this session:
Women human rights defender, femdefenders, woman human rights, equality, security, shrinking space, EU