Documentation from the conference

Documentation from the conference

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To get a sense of what happened at Stockholm Civil Society Days, what was talked about and what it looked like through social media, please check out our Storify page here, and watch the video below!

For more in-depth information from the discussions, you will find below presentations and session summaries from a number of workshop that took place during the three days:


United Nations for the Peoples? – The role of the UN in ensuring civic space in practice – a seminar organised by the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation
Aiming to identify concrete ideas and opportunities for working with the UN to defend and expand civic space, the session examined entry-points at various levels of the UN system, including the global UN fora, mechanisms and agencies and UN country teams in repressive environments.
UN civic space session brief final


Participation Empowerment and Protection – How to Safeguard Child and Youth Activism – a seminar organised by Plan International Sweden and Save the Children Sweden
The seminar presented the different aspects that affect potential participation of children and youth in political processes, based on recent case studies. Particularly: What are the risks that young activists face? How can donors facilitate child and youth participation? With whom does responsibility lie for their protection and safety?
Presentations: GPDEC Updates Presentation3 civil society days Shrinking Space and Civic Participation
Session notes: Sweden notes
Report: Enabling the Exercise of civil and Political Rights: The views of children


Counter-strategies to shrinking space for practivioners in civil society development cooperation – a seminar organsed by the members of Concord Sweden’s working group on civic space
The purpose of the workshop was to promote reflection on what development cooperation organisations and donors can do to counteract (and not contribute to) narrowed space to act for people organising for change. The session was held under Chatham House Rules, so no participants are quoted. Below is a compilation of recommendations provided through the group discussions.
Counterstrategies seminar documentation


In times of nationalism, fundamentalism and shrinking space – Who will stand up for women’s rights? – a seminar organised by the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation
A look into the gendered aspects of shrinking space and the additional threat that the shrinking space environment poses for women human rights defenders. Increasing fundamentalism, nationalism and focus on traditional values, narrows the space for women and women human rights defenders.
Building resilience – counteracting the shrinking space for womens organisations
Final notes from Kvinna till Kvinna session SCSD


Switching gears: Imagine – you are someone else! Shift positions between CSO, donor and partner country government representative – a seminar organised by the Task Team on CSO Development Effectiveness and Enabling Environment
Participants were asked to role-play in a debate on key issues related to the enabling environment for civil society and CSOs’ own development effectiveness. The purpose of the session was to create awareness of what drives other actors and the challenges they face in their institutional environment.
PPT Task Team Session final


The role of embassies on defending civi space and human rights – when does it work? – a seminar organised by the members of Concord Sweden’s working group on civic space
The purpose of the session was to reflect on how the international community can be effective in defending and upholding human rights, and on the need for systematic and strategic approaches in embassies to support activists and counteract violations against democratic space.
Embassy seminar documentation SCSD