Break the barriers! Support girls, boys and youth to claim their space

Save the Children, Plan International Sweden

Break the barriers! Support girls, boys and youth to claim their space

01:30 PM Day 2

To what extent do children and youth have space to engage as civil society actors? What are the specific gender and age barriers for girls and young women in this? What is the responsibility of civil society at large to facilitate space for their activism? This interactive session will attempt to address these questions by listening to the experiences and opinions of children and young people themselves, invited by Save the Children Sweden and Plan International Sweden. Leidy, 14 years, from Peru will share her experiences as a child activist. You will also get the chance to listen to Fancy 22 years old from Uganda, who is a committed advocate for young  people´s, especially girls  and  young women´s, rights.

Leave No One Behind is about ensuring a focus on marginalised groups who are at risk of being overlooked in the implementation of the SDGs. This aspiration will not be achieved if we continue to exclude children and young people, particularly girls and young women, as key actors. Thus, a conscious approach amongst civil society to include girls, boys and young women is required. The global civil society needs to better understand the barriers that exists, as well as what enables children and young peoples to engage in civil society in order to effectively promote their space.

Does your organisation somehow work with civil society strengthening, gender equality or support rights of children and young people? Welcome to interact with and learn from Leidy and Fancy experiences as female child and youth activists!  Plan International and Save the Children will also share their recommendations on how CSOs can better support children and youth to be able to claim their space effectively.

Participants – Uganda and Peru

  • Fancy, a 22-year-old Ugandan youth advocate, Girl’s up Initiative
  • Leidy, activist from Peru and member of the group “Yo también tengo algo que decir” – I also have something to say

Facilitator: Emelie Weski, Vice President for Politics and Influence and Spokesperson for Peaceful and Inclusive Communities at LSU – Sweden’s youth organizations


Time: 01.30-03.00PM

Place: Hörsalen