Empowering local communities to protect livelihoods and the environment

Forum Syd, Solidarity Sweden-Latin America, WaterAid

Empowering local communities to protect livelihoods and the environment

01:30 PM Day 2

People living in poverty and marginalisation are often dependent on natural resources for their livelihood. They are therefore hit particularly hard by over-exploitation, environmental degradation and climate change. Civil society play an important role in empowering vulnerable groups in local communities to defend their rights and protect their livelihoods. In this session participants will be engaged in discussions on how civil society can mobilise and achieve progress for local communities dependent on natural resources, especially in contexts with escalating conflicts between stakeholders and limited political space. How can civil society open channels of communication between vulnerable groups and government agencies? What actions can civil society take to ensure that already vulnerable groups are not left behind when environmental degradation and climate change threatens their livelihoods?


  • Senglong Youk, Deputy Executive Director at the National Cambodian NGO Fisheries Action Coalition Team (FACT)
  • Anna Barkered, Secretary-general at Solidarity Sweden-Latin America (Latinamerikagrupperna)
  • Daniel Pascual, coordinator of CUC, a member organisation of Vía Campesina in Guatemala (participation to be confirmed)
  • Jenny Fors, Head of Policy and Advocacy, WaterAid

Time: 01:30-03:00PM

Place: Room 19