Fighting exclusion in fragile states

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Fighting exclusion in fragile states

01:30 PM Day 1

Extreme poverty is projected to be concentrated in fragile states in 2030, where the promise to deliver on leave no one behind is even more difficult. Civil society has a crucial role on saving lives but also in promoting inclusion and sustainable peace building. The session will focus on challenges in reaching the most vulnerable groups in fragile and conflict affected states and how we ensure that no one is left behind in peace processes. Examples from the Colombian civil society’s fight for inclusive peace, and social and economic reincorporation of former guerrilla fighters will be shared. Participants will discuss what we as civil society can do better to secure the commitment to Leave no one behind and on how we ensure that Swedish aid is fit for purpose in these contexts.

Participants – Colombia

Time: 01:30-02:30PM

Place: Room 17