What do you need to know to support a just transition?

Union to Union

What do you need to know to support a just transition?

01:30 PM Day 2

The Just transition concept was initially developed by trade unions but is now a mainstream policy tool. The International Labour Organization (ILO) has in a tripartite process put together the Just transition guidelines. The greening of our economies has the potential to create 24 million new jobs while 6 million jobs can be lost. This calls for active policies and work to protect those affected to ensure a just transition. This session aims to allow for information sharing between different actors, exchange of their views or agenda shock in order the reach a common agenda to promote just transition. The session will contribute to discussion around Goals 8, 10 and 13, and include specific examples on just transition in Global South and role of investors and their contribution on advancing a just transition.


Moderator: Jenny Ohlsson, Ambassador Agenda 2030 from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Sweden


Time: 01.30-03.00PM

Place: Oasen