Reaching our common goals through smart partner ecosystems


Reaching our common goals through smart partner ecosystems

03:00 PM Day 1

Working together in smart partner ecosystems that connect civil society with governments, communities, private sector, media and academia – could create a win-win situation for all involved actors and in the implementing Agenda 2030.  This session will discuss a practical example of implementation goal 17 through IM’s initiative “Humanium Metal” which contributes to breaking the vicious circle of poverty, exclusion, insecurity and gun violence through a broad alliance of partners.  Example of how different partner ecosystems work will be shared. In addition, an example of how the civil society in Sweden works against gun violence will be presented. A group discussion will follow that will allow participants to reflect on how smart partner ecosystems can be developed in their contexts.

Participants – El Salvador

  • Anders Berg, Head of Global operations at IM Swedish Development Partner
  • FESPAD (present by video link) FESPAD is a partner to IM implementing Humanium Metal in El Salvador
  • Harald Wachtmeister, Harald Wachtmeister is CEO and co-founder of TRIWA
  • Mohamed Ahmad-Mohamed


Time: 03.00-04.00PM

Place: Room 24