To leave no one behind

RFSL, Danish Institute of Human Rights

To leave no one behind

01:30 PM Day 2

Due to its in-depth understanding of, and direct contact with the most marginalized groups, civil society has a unique position to ensure no one is left behind in SDG implementation, monitoring, and review. This interactive session will introduce tools and documents designed to assist development practitioners with leveraging advocacy efforts and human rights knowledge and mechanisms to meaningfully include those traditionally left behind. Panelists will present the Human Rights Guide to the SDGs, thSDG – Human Rights Data Explorer and the Guiding Principles on the Inclusion of LGBTI People in Development Policy and ProgramsFollowing a short presentation, participants will be able to apply these recommendations and principles to understand, in practice, how the integrated approach to human rights and sustainable development can help to leave no one behind.



Time: 01.30-03.00PM

Place: Room 23