Switching gears, flipping the table, meeting your match and much more

Switching gears, flipping the table, meeting your match and much more

08 aug 2017 1803 Views
These days much of the work by the team behind the conference is focused on getting all the pieces together for the final program layout. The major part of the program consists of more than 20 workshops and seminars proposed and designed by invited organisations. Some of these sessions will be taking place parallelly. Session hosts have been encouraged to plan interactive methods to stimulate discussions and sharing of experiences among the participants.

As a teaser, here are some of the session titles:

”Exploring holy and unholy alliances – why religion matters in combating shrinking civic space” hosted by the Swedish Mission Council

”Switching gears: Imagine you are someone else! Shift positions between CSO, donor and partner country government representative” – hosted by the Task Team on CSO Development Effectiveness and Enabling Environment

”Sustaining Dialogue in Shrinking Spaces: A tested approach” – hosted by Life&Peace Institute

”Walking a Tightrope: Advocacy groups balancing foreign support and local legitimacy” – hosted by Oxfam

”Flipping the table: using experiences of shrinking space to design tomorrow’s resilient civic impact” – hosted by Civicus

”Counter-strategies to shrinking space – for practicioners in civil society development cooperation” – hosted by CONCORD Sweden’s Civic Space working group

…and another 15 sessions, just as exciting as these above!